Men Grooming Tips

Men Grooming Tips

1. Never leave the house without smelling good.

This one is easy and most effective plus It’s one of the easiest compliments guys receive.

2. Always keep your hair light and beard trim

Go to the barber shop regularly or do it yourself but always try to keep up the fresh haircut and beard trimmed. And you want to make sure you clear out your neck and nape area of your hairline.

3. Invest in skin care products

This is important for your grooming routine because not only will it keep you looking young but also she’s gonna be super attracted to your smooth face when she’s caressing you.

4. Trim your nails

Always keep your nails short and most importantly clean. And also go through your toenails – especially in the summertime when you’re wearing sandals going with slippers then just try to keep it short.

5. Watch out for nose and ear hair

You don’t want that. Period.

There’s only one thing you have to do here. Get rid of it.

6. Replace your toothbrushes at least every three months

you should change your toothbrushes every three months and this is because these toothbrushes the bridge will start Wittering and becoming very soft which ends up basically just gliding over your teeth and reducing effectiveness.

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